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THE ICE TANK - Cooling made simple

Will you comply?  

New milk regulations come into effect for all farms in 2018.  

Raw milk must:  

a)      Be cooled to 10° C or below within 4 hours of the commencement of milking; and  

b)     Be cooled to 6° C or below within 6 hours of the commencement of milking and within 2 hours of the completion of milking:  

c)      Be held at or below 6° C until collection or the next milking: and

d)     Not exceed 10° C during subsequent milkings. In situations where there is continuous milking, such as automated milking systems, the milk must enter the bulk milk tank at 6° C or below, continuous milking being defined as milking for 6 hours or longer from the time that milk first enters any bulk milk tank.

Through the season, herd size, flow rates, water source temperatures before the tanker comes to collect it. Pre-cooling the milk before it reaches the vat is often the best way to confidently achieve low milk temperatures. For milk quality reasons, pre-cooling your milk before it gets to your vat is important because while your milk is above 10 degrees, bacteria growth is extremely high. Once milk drops below 10 degrees, it almost stops and once below 6 degrees there is no growth. This means that if you can get your milk into the vat at 10 or even 6 degrees, you will have a much better quality of milk.  

Why an Ice Tank?  

An Ice Tank uses simple technology based on storing energy as ice at cheap night rates and using it the following day to cool.  

Features & Benefits  

·        Compact system  

·        Fits to your existing chiller unit  

·        One size fits all vat sizes  

·        Less risk of penalties due to reduced temperature  

·        Optional heat recovery  

·        Virtually maintenance free  

·        Can utilise cheap night rate electricity  

·        Guaranteed to comply  

·        Uses WATER not glycol  

·        Builds ice between milkings for reduced power load  

·        Locally made in Taranaki  

·        Installed and service by the manufacturer


·        A second chiller  

·        Associated cost to install a second chiller  

·        Upgrades to your power supply  

·        Fancy overpriced pre-cooling systems  

·        Pushy sale people using complicated jargon  

·        Confusing facts and figures  


  • Take one insulated water tank  

·        Connect it to your existing chiller unit  

·        Fill it with water  

·        Turn it on  

·        Turn water into ice  

Done. Pretty simple really.  


1 x Ice Tank complete  

1 x Electrical Control Box $15,000 + GST  

1 x Circulation Pump  


Typical installation $3,500 - $5,000 + GST  

Excluded in the costs  - Secondary milk plate cooler and its installation. See your local pump fitter.   


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“It’s working well, our chiller is more efficient. We are saving power and are very happy.” – Stephen Mourie – Opunake

“Brilliant! Milk is always cold. My power bill has dropped by $300 a month.” – Colin Pope – Kaponga 

“It’s great to have peace of mind knowing that our milk cooling is taken care of.” – Phil Hardegger – Warea